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Providing ear care health and promoting better hearing in South Lincolnshire.

ELA Care Limited is committed to improve patient’s quality of life by providing safe, high quality ear care while ensuring better hearing so that we can promote positive mental health and reduce social isolation to the elderly community and allowing them to be comfortable in their own home. To provide professional care with respect, dignity, and compassion to achieve this.


We are committed to support and train staff to ensure that they are confident and competent to be able to provide safe patient centred care, valuing staff with better pay and achievable workloads to promote positive mental health and working conditions for staff



The values of our Business are:


To work with patients and families to help improve ear care and hearing to promote positive mental health and reduce social isolation for the elderly community.

To provide a service that takes patients equality and diversity into consideration.

To listen to patients, families and staff to create an open and honest environment and embrace feedback to ensure a continuous quality improvement of service development.

To ensure that patients and staff are valued, respected to promote professionalism and consideration.

To provide care with competent trained staff to carry out service delivery.

To take responsibility and are accountable for our own actions.




We care about all of our patients and offer ear care service to make sure they feel as comfortable as possible in their own homes. Get in touch and speak with one of our ear care representatives to find out more information,



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We are a family run business who is owned and managed by someone who has over 21 years as a registered nurse in the NHS. I have experience of working in the local community nursing team since 2005 and have built up working relationships and networks with local GP surgeries, neighbourhood team, community nursing services, social services, other professional services and the domiciliary care agencies in the community. I have extensive experience with assessing health and social care needs of patients, setting up packages of care to meet patient needs in their home settings. Promoting self-care for patients to keep their independence while prompting dignity and privacy of the patient.  I have skills and knowledge with managing a community nursing team. I have line management experience, ensuring that the staff are trained, safe and competent to meet the requirements of their job roles. I have knowledge of the assessment of mental capacity, safeguarding, dementia knowledge, infection prevention, completing audits, investigating complaints, incidents and applying lessons learned to the patient care for quality improvement.  

What we stand for?

E = Empower patients to be independent and safe to remain at home for as long as possible.

L = Leaders of high quality and safe care delivery via our supervision and training of staff. 

A = Accountable continuously learning and engaging with patients and family to improve quality improvement of our service delivery.  

We provide ear care assessments and ear wax removal with micro suction services to local community, work settings, elderly residents in their own home or care home settings.  Working closely with patients and their families we provide high standard care to promote better ear and hearing health.

Our staff are experienced and fully trained in supporting and delivering care for the following conditions & services:

  • Ear care assessments.

  • Ear Wax Removal with micro suction.

We aim to ensure that we provide support to the patients based on patient choice of care and preferences regardless of race, colour, gender, transgender, marital status, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation.

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