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Home Help Services: Services
Helping Hands


Are you feeling lonely?
Are you socially isolated?

At ELA Care we offer a befriending service to help reduce you feeling socially isolated. Our home helpers are reliable and fully trained to sit, chat and have a drink with you. 

The benefits of our befriending service are to promote positive mental health, reduce loneliness and reduce social isolation. 


Are you house bound and not able to get out into your local community?

At ELA Care our home helpers are able to help and assist you to get out into your local community. 

We are able to take you to the local shops, cafes, GP/Hospital appointments, meet friends or to a social group that you want to attend to be able to engage with others.

The benefits of our supported social outings will help to promote positive mental health, reduce loneliness, reduce social isolation and get you back into your local community safely. With our nursing experience background, we are able to use that knowledge to help you understand medical terminology used at appointments. 

Woman helping an elderly man with shopping
Woman with Cleaning Supplies


Are you struggling with your housework?

At ELA Care we provide dusting, hoovering, washing up, drying plates, tidying up, putting rubbish out and laundry services. 

The benefits of our light house duties service is to ensure that your living environment is clean to promote infection prevention and to ensure that your living environment is clutter free to promote safety. 


Are you struggling to make your meals and drinks?
Are you worried that your loved one is not eating?

At ELA Care we can assist clients to prepare their own meals and drinks. If they are not able to safely be assisted, then we can prepare meals and drinks for your loves one.  

We are able to prompt and supervise clients to take their supplement drinks and prompt with eating and drinking. 

We can provide recorded food and drink intake monitoring to help ensure that your loved one is maintaining a good diet and fluid intake, to promote and maintain their health.  

Medicine Prescription


Are you struggling with remembering to take your medication?

At ELA Care our home helpers can provide prompts to remind clients to take their medication.  

We can help to ensure that they are being stored safely. 

We can collect prescriptions, ensuring that you don't run out of medication, if you are not able to get out to the local pharmacy,


Are you struggling at home when family go away on holiday?

At ELA Care our fully trained and reliable home helpers can provide urgent and emergency care service (minimum of 30 minutes). 

Are you going way for a short break or holiday and are worried that your loved one will struggle when you are away. We can provide home care for that period of time to ensure that they are safe when you are away. 

Young Hands Holding Old Hands
Going for a Walk


Are you struggling to walk your pet?

Our home helpers are available to help you take the best care of your beloved pet. Let us walk your dog to ensure that they can be at their best and healthiest to be your companion.

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